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Live show! Live show!Sunnylove live show, take you to see the new product first!
Date: 2020-07-21
Author: Sunnylove
We will display many new product for you at that time in the live room, and will introduce the products functions fully. Auto-folding High view strollerSunnylove 2020 new item SH910 baby stroller.

At the beginning of 2020, the covid-19 outbreak and spread around the world. Affected by the epidemic, all industries were suspended, while import and export company were stand in the breach, and major exhibitions were either postponed or canceled.

Exhibition could not be held as scheduled. In order to meet customers needs for actual product experience and facilitate customers to choose products their are interested in. Sunnylove decided to holds several live shows to introduce and fully display the baby products of Sunnylove.

This live show will last for 2 times:one is 7:00-11:00 in July 22th and other time is 19:00-23:00 in August 2nd. We will display many new product for you at that time in the live room, and will introduce the products functions fully.



Preview of new products


One-hand Auto-folding light weight stroller

Sunnylove 2020 new item SH202, light weight and easy to carry. One-hand quick folding, Auto-folding, 360 degree swirling front wheels, easy to moving to any direction. Very small after folding is only 20 inches as a luggage size, does not take up space, this stroller is the best choice for mother and travelling with baby.



Auto-folding High view stroller

Sunnylove 2020 new item SH910 baby stroller. One second reversing handlebar. There are two interactive, high view to close parent-child distance, face to face interaction. Big size rear wheels, wider wheel distance on the rear wheels so that is can smooth rolling without turning over. One-hand folding and self-stand after folding, also can pull while folding making travel easier.



Quick folding 3 in 1 baby stroller

Sunnylove new item SH601 baby stroller. Two step fast folding can be carry up. Detachable front tray, front bumper bar or front tray  can be choose. This stroller also can be match baby carrycot and baby car seat. 3 in 1 system is very special and many functions. It is a best stroller for travelling.


Do you want to know more details of our product? We will announce to you one by one on July 22 from 9:00 to 11:00 am Chinese time. Please pay attention to our live room:


Know more about our sunnylove products, please pay attention to us, you will not miss any wonderful products!



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