Toy wolf doll Lumsey bursts red overnight
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Date: 2013-12-31
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Recently, the wolf doll "Lumxi" (LUFSIG) not only appeared in Hong Kong and Vancouver IKEA (IKEA), but also in the IKEA store in the Greater Toronto area. When the reporter arrived, he only saw empty ...

Recently, the wolf doll "Lumxi" (LUFSIG) not only appeared in Hong Kong and Vancouver IKEA (IKEA), but also in the IKEA store in the Greater Toronto area. When the reporter arrived, he only saw empty space. The cargo bar, not the trace of Lumsi. A clerk at the IKEA store in North York, Toronto, said at noon on the 10th that the wolf doll had been snapped up on the morning of the 10th.

Although the IKEA store has been launched for about a month, but the wolf doll Lumxi has recently burst into Hong Kong and the global Chinese community, because on Saturday (7th) Hong Kong Chief Executive Liang Zhenying was angered by people in the regional public consultation meeting. Throwing Lumsi became a new generation of "social transport beasts." On the 10th, the reporter went to the IKEA store in North York, Toronto, and tried to find the Lumsi trace of 10 Canadian dollars. The result was that the iron frame placed in Lumsi was empty.

Empty shelves, customers are disappointed

Mr. Li, a Chinese citizen who wants to buy two wolf dolls, Lumxi, is also one step late. Mr. Li took the Lumsi image on his mobile phone on the afternoon of the 10th and asked the IKEA store clerk responsible for the purchase, but the clerk said to him: Lumsi has sold out, only 35 will be added on the 1st."

Mr. Li’s failure to buy a good heart is disappointing. Since Lumsi does not have an online order, it will only be sold in the store. Mr. Li’s original plan to go to the Chinese may be less patronized. It is located on No. 7 Highway No. 400 in Wangshi City. The IKEA store took a chance, but when he checked online, he also found that Lumsi, a store in Wangshi, was also snapped up.

Mr. Li admitted that because "Lumsey" was in the public consultation meeting of Liang Zhenying, he planned to buy two, one at home "town house" and one for fun. He said that Lumsi's most attractive thing is his name, followed by the shape of a wolf. It is a very funny "dead" doll for Hong Kong people.

Some people are embarrassed because they can't buy Lumsi, but some people accidentally buy this red tide. Mr. Yang, who lives in Toronto, bought a Lumsi at the IKEA store in North York on the evening of the 10th. He said: "I know that I am so popular, I will buy one more!"

The clerk bursts with Asian customers.

He said that although Lumsey suddenly knew a little about the beginning and the end, but his friends did not specifically mention the need to buy Lumsi, to attract him to buy this wolf doll, but also to do good things by buying this doll. IKEA, which specializes in this doll, will donate one yuan to UNICEF to give more out-of-school children a chance to study. When asked if he would buy a few wolf figurines, Mr. Yang said that he would not deliberately buy it again because he already owns one; but if he visits the store and sees Lumsi, he may buy one more.

The North York store clerk was inexplicably surprised by Lumsi’s rush to buy a hand. He said that many customers bought Lumsi, and there were also many Asian-faced customers who, like reporters, held mobile phone photos to ask about the location of Lumsi, but as a reporter. When asked why the store only sold 35 Lumsi on Wednesday, the clerk did not answer.

On the other hand, the wolf doll Lumsi snapped up the tide and continued to ferment in Vancouver. In the two IKEA stores in Greater Vancouver and Coquitlam, they were sold out on the 10th. According to the clerk, no new goods will be added this year.

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